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Prepare for border restrictions to last for at least three more years, says ex-Air NZ boss

Ryan Bridge 06/07/2021

LISTEN: Rob Fyfe has warned businesses to prepare for border closures to extend in some capacity into the next two to three years. 

He made the comments in an interview with recruitment firm Hobson Leavy.

Mr Fyfe, a business advisor to the government on Covid-19 and former Air New Zealand chief executive told Magic Talk's Ryan Bridge there is still uncertainty, including whether new variants of coronavirus emerge which vaccines might not be as effective against.

"But on the upside, we appear to have focused on the right vaccine - the Pfizer seems to be the best performing of all the vaccines," he said. 

Mr Fyfe said there is a dependency on populations getting the jab.

"We need to get enough New Zealanders vaccinated," Mr Fyfe told Magic Talk.

Listen to the full interview with Rob Fyfe above.

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