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Tūhoe honey the world's best - and it's not Mānuka

Danny and Leah 27/07/2021

LISTEN: A Tūhoe honey company has produced the world's tastiest honey, according to a global honey competition.

Ruatāhuna, in the middle of Te Urewera forest, is home to Manawa Honey's rewarewa honey which took out the grand prize in this year's Black Jar International Competition held in the United States.

CEO Brenda Tahi told Magic Talk's Danny Watson that despite being a small producer up against big world players, it was amazing to win.

"We're really proud that it is a non-Mānuka honey that's won it," she said.

Tahi said Mānuka is famed mostly for its health benefits rather than taste.

"It wasn't until the properties were discovered that then they were able to market the Mānuka honey for what we know it to be today," she told Magic Talk.

Rewarewa honey is dark honey that has a "full, rich colour," Tahi said.

"Sometimes it even has a good reddish tinge to it."

Tahi explained the rewarewa flower is full of nectar that is not as "earthy or medicinal tasting as Mānuka."

Listen to the full interview with Brenda Tahi above.

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