Takeaway shop owner in Hamilton admits he is racist after refusing to hire Indians

News 28/07/2021

During a time of heavy criticism over his refusal to hire Indians and insulting bad reviewers, the owner of a Hamilton CBD takeaway shop has admitted he's racist.

"I am a racist… I'm actually very sorry to say I am 500 percent racist"

Refuel Jo, owned by Girish Kuruvilla, claims that it is a "New Zealand shop" and that Kuruvilla won't be employing people of Indian ethnicity despite being Indian himself. He says that Indians "slack off" and want him to sign immigration documents.

Kuruvilla says that instead of Indians he would like to hire Kiwis.

"Kiwis work hard, do their job, come back the next day. I'm happy as employing Kiwis."

Girish Kuruvilla criticism over his racist replies to low rating reviews of his business. It seems that he believes that the Indian community are responsible for the bad reviews.


A spokesperson from The Human Rights Commission told Newshub,

"Words which are threatening, abusive, or insulting and that are likely to incite hostility against or bring into contempt any group on the grounds of colour, race, or ethnicity may breach the Human Rights Act," they said.

"Anyone who is concerned about such language can contact the Human Rights Commission for information, including on how to make a complaint."