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We need more psychologists or people will suffer - expert

Danny and Leah 13/07/2021

LISTEN: Psychologists are struggling to cope with the number of people coming to them for help with their mental health.

As many as 60 clients a month are being turned away as psychologists just don't have room to see them.

Registered clinical psychologist and Umbrella founder Gaynor Parkin told Magic Talk's Danny Watson & Leah Panapa it's a scary situation to be unable to help people. 

"For those of us in the profession having to every day let people who are distressed know that we are not able to see them is deeply distressing and, of course, it is counter to why many or all of us went into this profession. We went into it to help people."

Parkin says most psychologists operate waitlists or automated responses to decline new clients.

"They've done that really to protect their own mental health and wellbeing because having to say to people every day that we can't respond is just awful," she told Magic Talk.

The College of Clinical Psychologists says it only found the issue after surveying its members.

"It's been a problem for a long time," Parkin said.

She says we are finally seeing the tip of an iceberg that psychologists have known about for a long time.

Listen to the full interview with Gaynor Parkin above.

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