'Death cult' Taliban will murder New Zealand allies - Judith Collins

Peter Williams 16/08/2021

LISTEN: There are fears Afghans who helped New Zealanders will be killed by the Taliban, National Party leader Judith Collins has told Magic Talk.

Hundreds of thousands of Afghans have been forced to flee their homes due to the conflict.

The Taliban terrorist group has captured the Afghanistan capital city Kabul. 

The Government will announce at 3pm its response to calls to evacuate Afghans who have assisted New Zealand. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern told The AM Show she isn't ruling out sending in Defence Force troops to evacuate New Zealand residents.

Collins told Peter Williams we have a huge responsibility.

"I just hope the Government is going to announce today that they've got out the last of those that were involved in helping us; so that's the interpreters but also the carpenters and people like that, who were working in the camps," she told Magic Talk.

The National leader said she has been to Afghanistan and seen first hand the work that was going on there.

"I'm just devastated for the people of Afghanistan, particularly the women. New Zealand does have an obligation. "The obligation is to those who helped us, worked with us, helped to keep New Zealanders safe."

Collins said the Government's focus should be on working with allies such as the US, which has authorised the emergency deployment of 1000 additional troops to evacuate Afghans who have assisted New Zealanders.

"I just hope the Government is going to tell us that they've already got them out and on their way to New Zealand. We know it's never going to be good for the Afghan people with the Taliban, which is basically a death cult, frankly."

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