'I talk about being beaten up': Simon Bridges releases new book

Peter Williams 18/08/2021

LISTEN: Former National Party leader Simon Bridges has launched a book, called National Identity - Confessions of an Outsider

He stresses it is not a political memoir but rather a series of essays on various issues like race, nationality, class, religion, politics, education. 

Bridges is refreshingly honest, doesn’t dish that much dirt and seems to be on another PR offensive to let people know more about him, ahead of what could be a comeback to a leadership role in the National Party. 

He’s on a charm offensive to sell as many copies of the book as possible as well.

Speaking to Magic Talk's Peter Williams, Bridges said he "learnt a lot of hard lessons" and struggled early on in his work-life.

"Doing some ridiculously stupid things, which I write about in the book and stories and hope will resonate with people.

"What I'm trying to do in the book is, through my stories, paint a wider picture that I think - and hope - will resonate with people," he told Magic Talk.

Listen to the full interview with Simon Bridges above.

Magic Talk.

National Identity: Confessions of an Outsider by Simon Bridges (HarperCollins, RRP $37.99)
An open, honest and at times intensely personal memoir about race, fatherhood, marriage, masculinity, fitting in, and the things that shape our national character.
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