PM Jacinda Ardern says vaccine supplies will be 'tight' for a few weeks

The AM Show 31/08/2021

PM Jacinda Ardern has said that there will be a few weeks where our vaccine supply 'is tight' while we wait for a delivery to arrive in October. She says that even if the Government can't meet current demands, we won't run out of vaccines.

It is understood that New Zealand is in the process of securing more vaccines however the government is keeping quiet about the details. When asked if New Zealand needs more vaccines Jacinda Ardern told The AM Show,

"...we already have on order from Pfizer enough vaccine for every single New Zealander in the country, in fact, everyone in the country."

"The issue is and it's the same issue that Australia has been having, is that the bulk of ours come in October. And so we've got this period of roughly three to four weeks where our supply is tight. So that's the period we're in at the moment."

"I have said that we are working to see whether or not we can meet the demand we have right now, while we, of course, wait for those bigger deliveries to come through into October. And that continues to be the case."

"...we are trying to do everything we can to meet the demand that we have right now, but I think the important point to still make is that even if we're unable to do unable to do that, which we are working very hard on, even if we're unable to do that, the worst case scenario is that we're still delivering three hundred and fifty thousand vaccines a week because we have enough supply in order to do that."

76,354 vaccines were administered yesterday.