Dr Ashley Bloomfield says the peak number of COVID-19 cases yet to come

The AM Show 26/08/2021

WATCH: Dr Ashley Bloomfield has revealed to The AM Show that he's hoping that peak COVID-19 cases will occur on Friday or Saturday, if not sooner.

The Director-General of Health has said health officials are anticipating seeing cases "levelling-off" before the number of cases drops.

"There were definitely more cases trickling in through the day yesterday, talking to our colleagues up in Auckland, and we'll expect more overnight," he told The AM Show on Magic Talk.

"Yesterday, 62 was a pretty high number, and we may well have a high number again today. We will be looking over this next day or two to see that levelling-off and then start to drop.

"Well my hope is that it will be even before then, but Friday or Saturday would be our hope," Dr Bloomfield said.

"We will see the alert level 4 restrictions really start to kick in then, even though this is Delta - and we've seen a large number of cases just showing how quickly this variant does transmit through the community."

Watch the full interview with Dr Ashley Bloomfield above.

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