Head of Starship Hospital calls for parents to get ACC payouts when their kids injured

The AM Show 13/08/2021

A new study from the New Zealand Medical Journal has revealed that the societal cost of unintentional injuries is up to $400 million dollars, which is much higher than expected. The study also revealed that approximately 66 (ages 0-14) children die from unintentional injuries and 7,700 hospitalisations occur.

Head of Starship Hospital, Michael Shepherd and his colleagues conducted the study which found that 257,000 kids were seriously injured. Dr Shepherd believes that it shows we need to do more to prevent the seriousness of these injuries.

"For me it is a really clear message that we need to do more to prevent the serious components of these injuries, and it has a huge societal impact,"

"What is clear is that's a real problem - it speaks to the inequities within our system, as a society it speaks to the fact we haven't fulfilled our obligations from a Tiriti o Waitangi perspective, and I think we need to do a whole lot of work to understand that, to work with Māori, to understand that and to prevent that."

"When you're from a whanau and your child breaks their arm and you have to take four days off work, I think you should be paid for that by ACC just like if you're an adult and you break your arm," 

"At the moment they're not, and that creates worse inequities within our system."