Ashley Bloomfield and a mini putt golf course via Getty
Ashley Bloomfield and a mini putt golf course via Getty

Mini-golf with Ashley Bloomfield, lunch with Grant Robertson on offer in Women's Refuge campaign

Danny and Leah 09/08/2021

LISTEN: Mini-golf with public servant Dr Ashley Bloomfield and a voicemail recording with global star Joanna Lumley are just some of the once-in-a-lifetime opportunities Women's Refuge is offering Kiwis as part of a major fundraising campaign.

The charity is seeking "safe nights" - a $20 donation that allows women in trouble access a bed, food and childcare for a night. In return, gifters will be in to win one of 11 extraordinary experiences.

Safe Night ambassador Miranda Harcourt says it's a great initiative.

"It's just fantastic, it's so interesting to flick through and see the random things [you can win]," she told Magic Talk.

Other experiences include creating your own flavour of Whittaker's chocolate, Seven Sharp hosts Hilary Barry and Jeremy Wells deep cleaning your home and the NZ Symphony Orchestra playing a private concert at your place.

Women's Refuge CEO Dr Ang Jury is praising the generosity of New Zealanders which has made a significant difference to the lives of vulnerable women and children.

"Across the country, each and every night, scores of women and children go off to sleep in one of our refuges – close to 50,000 bed nights over the past year. This support from generous Kiwis allows us to keep them safe, warm and protected from further harm.”

The campaign runs until August 15. To buy a Safe Night, click here.

New Zealand's rates of domestic violence are among the highest in the world, with about half of all homicides committed by a family member. 

Police are called to a family violence incident every three minutes - even though some estimate just a quarter of incidents are ever reported.

Listen to the full interview with Miranda Harcourt above.

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