Hand reaching out to lightbulb with dark background Photo by Luca Nardone from Pexels
Photo by Luca Nardone from Pexels

Monster outage shows renewable energy is unreliable - expert

Peter Williams 10/08/2021

LISTEN: Renewable energy has come under fire as power advocates butt heads over the North Island's monster outage on Monday night.

More than 20 thousand homes in the North Island were left without electricity. Some households were left without heating during freezing temperatures.

"It most certainly was one of the coldest snaps we've seen in a long while," says Energy Resources Aotearoa's John Carnegie.

The national grid operator has apologised for the rolling outage on Monday night.

But Carnegie says New Zealand needs to diversify its portfolio.

"Renewables are great but they simply just cannot cope in all circumstances, especially like this," he told Magic Talk's Peter Williams.

"We need to ensure we've got a well-diversified energy portfolio of which natural gases are a key component."

Carnegie says Aotearoa is not ready to go 100 percent renewable.

"Last night showed us that renewable energy, while fantastic, cannot cope in these circumstances," Carnegie said.

Listen to the full interview with John Carnegie above.

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