National votes against conversion therapy ban claiming it will criminalize 'good parents for being parents'.

The AM Show 06/08/2021

Justice Minister Kris Faafoi's Conversion Practices Prohibition Legislation Bill wasn't supported by the National Party stating that they're only against the bill as they don't want parents criminalized. National MP Simon Bridges says that they support the intent but won't support the law as it's written.

Bridges told The AM Show on Friday they're all for a ban, but won't vote for the current Bill for one reason. 

"We support the intent fully, we wish we could get behind it. We have one major concern and by the way Kris Faafoi, the guy behind it, can't and won't explain it at any level. I've looked through the law really closely and it comes down to this - the Bill will criminalise, as it's written, good parents for being parents. 

"If you've got a 12-year-old who's going through change and so on and you say 'look actually, tai ho son/daughter, we don't want you to go on puberty blockers, to have the various medical treatments, until you're 18', you will be a criminal facing up to five years in prison, and that's wrong.

The bill had support from other parties such as ACT, the Greens, the Māori Party and Labour.