No toilets, no food: The plight of truck drivers working in Level 4

Peter Williams 26/08/2021

LISTEN: Frontline truck drivers still working in Alert Level 4 conditions are struggling to find food outlets and toilet stops, which are closed during lockdown.

Ross, a truck driver, told Magic Talk's Peter Williams he was struggling to find comfort stops during his trip from Wellington to Auckland as public toilets are closed and he had to take his own food with him as a new rule restricts service stations from selling hot drinks and bakery food. 

The Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment made the rule change on Monday night.

Road Transport Forum chief executive Nick Leggett says the government is ever-changing the rules for truck drivers.

"It's disappointing. We work pretty hard to try and engage with officials so they make the right decisions, but often what we find at times like this is that what seems like an easy decision to make with some paper in Wellington has practical consequences for people out on the road," he told Magic Talk.

Leggett says while New Zealanders are in lockdown at home, freight still needs to be moved around the country.

"It's truck drivers that are out there on the frontline doing the work and getting our groceries and our medical equipment around the country so the country can function," he told Peter Williams.

Listen to the full interview with Nick Leggett above.

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