'It will get worse before it gets better': Ardern warns Delta cases will grow

The AM Show 24/08/2021

WATCH: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has warned Kiwis to expect further cases in the country's Delta outbreak.

It follows a top COVID-19 modeller's caution that it's possible the current COVID-19 cluster in Auckland could reach upwards of 1000 cases.

“As we've said, modeling, particularly at the beginning of outbreaks, can be quite variable. And so one of the things that we have been sharing, at least, is that there's been the suggestion that we won't see a peak till between eight to 10 days days and we're not there yet. So we do expect cases will continue to grow," Jacinda Ardern said.

“Now we're seeing that predominantly almost everyone in a household is becoming infected. So that does affect your numbers. And you can expect that's another reason why we'll continue to see those numbers to grow.”

“So really, to everyone I’d just say just expect it. We are. It will get worse before it gets better," she told The AM Show.

“We are exactly where we anticipated being right now from the beginning of our vaccination campaign because we always said that it would take us a year and that the second half of the year is when we hit our full scale rollout.”

When asked how other countries have managed to rollout the vaccine faster than New Zealand, the Prime Minister commented,

“And yet, if you look at some of those other countries, they've also stalled, you know, some sitting at 60 per cent. And that is not enough to stop outbreaks kinds of you you're comparing.”

“So, look, the reason that we want to see everyone vaccinated is to keep them protected. And so for all of those countries for whom you'd say that they've had somehow more success, I would say, what is your measure of success?”

“We have kept New Zealanders safe and we will continue to do so. While we have our full scale ramp up of our vaccination campaign. But my ambition is far beyond the United States and the UK's rollout. We need to have as many New Zealanders as possible vaccinated if we want to protect them against the kinds of outbreaks that you are still seeing.”

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