US forces launched a drone strike in Kabul, killed alleged ISIS suicide bomber

The AM Show 30/08/2021

The US launched out a drone strike on a car believed to be carrying an ISIS suicide bomber. Al Jazeera reporter Charlotte Bellis joined The AM Show this morning to discuss the events happening in Kabul.

“I had a few calls this morning saying definitely do not go to the airport today.”

“I talked to people afterwards and the intelligence they had was quite specific about a car bomber trying to target the airport, trying to basically repeat what we saw on Thursday. And then this drone strike happened. It was probably about 5.30pm local time, 5.30p.m.”

“There was an explosion heard around Kabul where a lot of people were saying, what was that? Did they hit the airport, was it the US detonating, getting rid of some of their weapons and exploding, you know, different things that they're leaving behind.”

“But then we found out afterwards through the State Department and Pentagon that that they had drone strikes. This this ICIL bomber, they say that only one person was killed. But on the ground, we're hearing that potentially other people were caught up in it.”

The Guardian is reporting that an Afghan official has said that three children have died because of the drone strike. The US is saying that they are “assessing the possibilities” of having killed/injured civillians.