West Auckland taxpayers furious after nearly $200k spent to paint an intersection blue

The AM Show 09/08/2021

Residents in West Auckland have reacted with outrage to the $192,000 taxpayer-funded project to paint a local intersection bright blue.

Sunil Kaushal told The AM Show on Monday morning that he understands that the proposed revisions - including the brightly-colored crossing - were intended to improve safety, but that the council proceeded with the change without adequate consultation.

"There was no consultation," he said. "The local board said they weren't consulted, NZTA [the New Zealand Transport Agency] said they were… there's no accountability."

"Carbon emissions are increasing, [more] petrol is [being used], and it's just creating chaos. But they're not willing to listen."

Kaushal noted that an outdoor cafe he frequented since the road changes, had closed. He said that many small businesses are still struggling to recover following the economic downturn from COVID-19.

"Businesses have shut down. We were already hit by COVID, now this is happening. They're bulldozing their way through," he told The AM Show.

"They were trying to achieve being safe by… going down to one lane [through] Henderson's town centre and making people go all around in a new route. They've spent about $192,000 on blue paint, and some of the paint has been [used to] fill the potholes around the town. It's just shambolic. The businesses are hurting, but also the residents."

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