'Dead in the water': Former MP Peter Dunne criticises Three Waters plan

Peter Williams 03/09/2021

LISTEN: The government wants to take all the assets that your local council owns to pipe the water, including sewage and storm water, and pass the ownership of them to four regional water entities, which are likely to be controlled by iwi interests. 

It is a naked asset grab which the country should be outraged by, says Magic Talk Mornings host Peter Williams.

The Three Waters plan arose from a detailed review following Havelock North's campylobacter outbreak in 2016, where four people died and around 5,500 suffered illness as a result. 

The incident in Havelock North highlighted decades of neglect locally, but also raised the wider question of what might be happening elsewhere.

But former politician Peter Dunne reckons the idea is dead in the water because Auckland and Christchurch, among other councils, are resisting.

Dunne says the government has been right to address a critical issue, such as this, but if it cannot find an "effective and workable solution" through the Three Waters plan, then it needs to broker a deal with local government.

"Although it may be on the point of losing the battle over Three Waters, the government cannot afford to lose the wider war on improving water services," Dunne said.

"It would not be thanked by voters were it to let that happen."

Listen to the full interview with Peter Dunne above.

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