A move to level 4 "very unlikely" deemed so because of politics, not public health

The AM Show 01/10/2021

WATCH: David Parker & Simon Bridges debate level movements in Auckland after a shocking week in volatile case numbers and whether a move back to level 4 is likely. Public health? Or politics?

Simon Bridges fires back at David Parker stating that a decision to move back to level 4 for Auckland would or wouldn't be made not on the merits of public health, but politics instead.

Once challenged on this, Parker responded "You've got to maintain a social contract to keep people with you." 

"The Prime Minister's already said we're on a course towards opening up, but it's very difficult to put an actual date on it yet. The numbers are up and down and our vaccination rates are not  high enough yet to substitute vaccination for that border."

Simon bridges responded taking aim at Labour's COVID response plan.

"The Government has the best information. Aucklanders are frustrated - what we want to see is a plan, some semblance of a plan and what it's about. Is it about vaccination rates? Or is it about COVID rates in the community? … They've been too slow on the vaccination rate. Let's see the plan. National's got one - we're trying to gee the Government up, spur it along. Let's see Labour's." 

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