Are people following lockdown rules? Bloomfield's response...

The AM Show 22/09/2021

Ryan Bridge asks Dr Ashley Bloomfield if people are flouting the lockdown rules and causing more cases in the community, in which case would level 3 encourage more rule breaking?

Auckland moved to level 3 today after several weeks in level 4, with cases still cropping up within the community.

Bloomfield told The AM Show that most cases are household contacts, stating "the "vast majority of [new cases] are close family and other contacts and many of them are in isolation facilities or isolating at home".

"The way that people can reassure themselves and the rest of Auckland is to abide by those level three restrictions, that is, stay within your bubble as much as possible - even going out to work - use a mask when you're going out, watch physical distancing, and of course the most important thing is don't go to work or anywhere if you're around unwell."

There could be up to 60 cases in the coming weeks.

"We know Delta spreads quite liberally inside households," Dr Bloomfield said.

"These are household members or very close contacts, who are now isolating and we just know from the sort of conversion rate somewhere between 10 and 20 percent, that over the next couple of weeks about 50 or 60 of them are likely to come through."

That being said, cases are still cropping up outside of households...

"It's clear that there has been a bit of interaction between households and I dare say that wouldn't be unique to the ones where we've got cases. Level three though is still very strict," he said.

"I'm confident that the vast majority of Aucklanders, including the households in these areas will be doing exactly what's required of them under alert level three, because that's what we saw at alert level four. That's why we got on top of what was quite a big Delta outbreak. We're now down to a relatively small number of cases."

Could Auckland compliance with the lockdown rules be slowly eroding? 

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