Ask The Expert: Dr Tony Fernando answers your sleep questions

Leah Panapa 24/09/2021

LISTEN: Summer is that one step closer with clocks moving forward one hour at 2am on Sunday.

The one downside of course is that sleep patterns are going to need to be adjusted... again! Not only for yourself - but also for your children.

While clock changing is one thing that can mess with your sleep - there are many other hindrances to getting your full 8 hours.

Dr Tony Fernando is a psychiatrist, sleep and insomnia specialist at Practice 92 in Auckland’s Mt Eden and joins Leah Panapa to answer your questions on sleep.

In this episode:

  • How much sleep do we really need?
  • Is a routine important before bed?
  • What about watching TV in bed until you fall asleep? 

Listen to the full interview with Dr Tony Fernando above.

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