Bill makes it easier to change sex on birth certificate without medical evidence

Danny Watson 24/09/2021

LISTEN: A women's rights activist believes "controversial clauses" added to a proposed law change is dangerous and removes safeguards that protect transgender people.

A new law would remove the need for medical evidence of a sex change, allowing people to change the sex on their birth certificate based on how they identify themselves.

Beth Johnson, a spokesperson for the group Speak Up For Women, was one of several submitters on the proposed Births, Deaths, Marriages and Relationships Registration Bill (BDMRR Bill).

At the moment, anyone wanting to change the sex on their birth certificate needs "medical evidence" and to apply through the Family Court. 

The select committee has added "really controversial clauses" which were driven by Green Party MPs, Johnson said.

"But feminists within the Green Party raised the alarm and others got together and called for Speak Up For Women to starting pressuring the government to actually put this Bill to public consultation," she told Magic Talk.

Johnson, who said Speak Up For Women has hundreds of active members and thousands of supporters, believes the controversial clauses - added after public consultation had closed - are dangerous.

"This now removes all medical and family court gatekeeping and safeguarding processes," she said.

Listen to the full interview with Beth Johnson above.

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