Businesses planning on not paying GST in protest of level 2 rules likely to be punished

The AM Show 09/09/2021

WATCH: Finance Minister Grant Robertson comments on wage subsidies across the country and if any leniency will be shown to businesses purposely withholding GST tax payments from the government in protest to level 2 lockdown rules.

Around 30 Auckland businesses have stated that they intend to withhold their GST payments stating that the new rules make it so difficult to operate that they may as well not open at all.

"We don't want to pay GST, as a protest to the Government," one Ponsonby bar owner told Stuff. 

Grant Robertson responded to these comments on The AM Show earlier this morning, being asked if these protesters would be given leniency.

"No," the Finance Minister said. "I understand the stress and the pressure these businesses are under. If businesses are unable to meet particular payment dates, there is the ability for the commissioner of Inland Revenue to waive penalties for that. I'm not sure the commissioner would look fondly on people who were deliberately doing that. 

"But if there were good reasons for that, the commissioner has the ability to grant a waiver of penalties… What I'm encouraging all businesses to do is to hang tough, to know we understand how difficult this is." 

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