Caller commends police response to Auckland terror attack

Danny Watson 06/09/2021

LISTEN: A Magic Talk caller has commended the way police responded to the Auckland supermarket terror attack.

A lone Isis-inspired terrorist, Ahamed Aathil Mohamed Samsudeen - a Sri Lankan national, stabbed a number of shoppers at Countdown LynnMall on Friday. He was shot dead by police.

But criticism has been aimed at police for shooting the offender dead, instead of using other means to detain the man.

Caller Jack, who says he was an ex-policeman and served in Iraq with the British army, says police responded to the attack quickly and appropriately.

"Police are trained to shoot to incapacitate," Jack said.

"It's a tough decision they've had to make, and they've done a good job."

He says every policeman takes an oath to protect the public.

Samsudeen had been under police watch and surveillance. 

Listen to the full interview with caller Jack above.

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