Caller says she and her family are being deported despite helping Kiwis find jobs

Danny Watson 17/09/2021

LISTEN: A Magic Talk caller has just received notice that she and her family will be deported out of New Zealand.

Caroline, who lives in Queenstown with her Kiwi partner and family, says she has been handed a deportation liability notice and is devastated.

"I've now been asked to leave the country, which isn't good.

"I appealed it but they said no, they're going to kick me and my family out of the country," Caroline said.

Caroline has a Kiwi partner and has been living in Aotearoa for three years. Her partner is a builder.

But she says government officials "don't care" and are forcing her and her family out of the country.

"It's terrible, it's really bad. It's horrific what they're doing," Caroline told Magic Talk.

She says after losing her digital marketing job due to COVID-19, she launched her own business to help out-of-work Kiwis build their own online company and find work.

But Caroline says the government told her she wasn't allowed to do that as it breached her visa conditions.

"They would prefer to kick me, my family and everyone out of the country because that was more serious than basically helping Kiwis get jobs," she told Magic Talk.

Listen to the full conversation with Caroline above.

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