Climate change a real threat for native bugs

Danny Watson 16/09/2021

LISTEN: A new report has found that climate change is a real threat for native invertebrates.

The Department of Conservation found six of New Zealand’s leaf-veined slug species, of which there are 63 species of, were threatened, while 28 were at risk, and 20 were not threatened.

It also found New Zealand’s one species of amber snail was critically endangered. It can be found in the Far North.

48 other land snails were analysed with 23 ranked as threatened, 13 at risk, four as not threatened and eight as data deficient. Nine were new listings.

The Department of Conservation says human interference and climate change are both factors which could contribute to the extinction of our native bugs.

New Zealand's very own 'Bug Man' and broadcaster Ruud Kleinpaste is encouraging people to look in their own backyard for insects.

Listen to the full interview with Ruud Kleinpaste above.

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