Hero, irresponsible or cockwomble: Judith Collins reacts to David Seymour's Maori vaccination tweet

The AM Show 08/09/2021

WATCH: Judith Collins joined The AM Show this morning to discuss an incident of David Seymour tweeting out a Maori vaccination link, our loose Delta plan and more.

"If you're worried about vaccination waiting times, you no longer need to make an appointment," Seymour wrote on Twitter. "All you need to do is use this access code."

After the tweet caused a wide array of controversy, Judith Collins was asked her thoughts on the incident.

"David has to answer for himself. He's an adult. He's the leader of his own party. I'm thankfully neither his mother nor the leader of his party. 

"And I just think, he's - the best thing I say to people is get as many people vaccinated as we can. If you're dealing with people who can be a bit hard to reach sometimes with vaccination messages, you do whatever it takes because COVID doesn't discriminate."

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