Did the world change for the worse after 9/11? US political expert shares her views

The AM Show 13/09/2021

WATCH: American political expert Maria Armoudian commented on the fear and suspicion felt by Americans after 9/11 on The AM Show.

Today, many Americans believe what occurred after the 9/11 attacks changed the country for the worse rather than for the better.

Armoudian told The AM Show "scholars have studied this human nature thing and have found that we are all sorta situational and we respond to the system and we conform to the system and we become like our neighbors and our, you know, compadres and that is what is human nature, is that we want to be part of the system."

"and the people from the top of the system implement really horrible actions, then people do start to conform to it or think it's okay, there's this group think kind of thing that can happen and sadly when people are scared to death, I mean even the courts in the United States, the courts that had been kind of a shining star in some ways in justice systems, you know they wouldn't take up the redress cases tortured by US personal."

"I think the most important thing is to start re-thinking the system, to have a system where there's both accountability, but also redress and justice for the people who have suffered."

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