Electric vs hydrogen cars: Which is best?

Danny Watson 09/09/2021

LISTEN: Hydrogen-powered cars and electric vehicles (EVs) have one thing in common - both motors are powered by electricity. But which one is better?

The major difference between the two is where electricity that powers the vehicle is generated from. 

EVs get theirs from a lithium-ion battery, while hydrogen-powered cars are powered by a hydrogen fuel cell that converts hydrogen to electricity while the car is running.

H2X chief executive Brendan Norman says vehicles powered by hydrogen can be much more reliable than electric ones.

"Basically run for a long time and of course you can refuel vehicles very, very quickly so it's good for deliveries and things like this, where people have to rely on a vehicle all day," he told Magic Talk.

But there are limitations when it comes to hydrogen.

It is currently significantly more expensive than electricity is, mostly because of the complex way hydrogen is made and the lack of infrastructure available.

Norman says his company has converted vehicles made by other manufactures to hydrogen.

H2X plans to build their own vehicles in the next two years.

Listen to the full interview with Brendan Norman above.

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