Govt urged to broaden criteria to allow more Afghan refugees into NZ

Peter Williams 02/09/2021

LISTEN: The international community is rallying to support thousands of refugees who’ve been displaced following the fall of the Afghan government and the takeover of the country by the Taliban.

The New Zealand government announced last week that they are halting any new applications for resettlement here and have not yet decided how many of those applications already in process will be accepted.

"The [Afghan] community here in New Zealand are very anxious and truly worried about their families back home," Hedayat Najib, a former Afghan refugee and the South Island spokesperson for the Afghan Association of New Zealand, told Magic Talk's Peter Williams.

Najib, also a University of Canterbury postgraduate, says he would like to see the criteria for Afghan people still in Afghanistan broadened to allow them into New Zealand, particularly those in high risk areas.

"We hope that the New Zealand government can expand the criteria. It's been an extremely difficult situation for everybody in Afghanistan," he said.

Listen to the full interview with Hedayat Najib above.

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