Is our Immigration system flawed?

The AM Show 06/09/2021

All four terror attack victims are now in a stable condition after a stabbing attack occured at Countdown New Lynn on Friday afternoon. Queen City Law managing director Marcus Beveridge spoke with The AM Show this morning.

"Sometimes the wheels of justice with immigration do move very slowly, but to give it a bit of context, I think what happens with citizenship is, is every year about 10 people get deprived of citizenship, their citizenship is taken away."

"With residency, under the act, if you murder someone within the first 10 years, you get your residency revoked and you get deported. And then if you do something bad within the first five years of acquiring residents, you can also get deported if it's for a term of imprisonment for over two years."

"There are a thing called a non refoulement, which means it's, as the prime minister's mentioned, is complex... it's not easy to return someone to their country of origin."