Judith Collins blames Jacinda Ardern for Parliament staying in level 4 conditions

The AM Show 01/09/2021

Parliament will remain in level 4 conditions for a week due to Judith Collins traveling down to Wellington from Auckland. When asked why MP's couldn't wait an extra day for level three, Judith Collins said that it was a question for Jacinda Ardern as she could have suspended Parliament for another time.

"You should ask the Prime Minister. She had the option to suspend Parliament for another week or another day. She chose not to. In fact, she said she didn't want to do that again. So you'd better ask her about that."

"The Zoom meeting that Trevor Mallard suddenly decided he wanted to do, that has of course never been tested in New Zealand for Parliament. You're talking 120 MPs. We don't actually believe that he wouldn't just sort of mute us every time he felt like it, just like he does generally in the House. But at least in the physical environment you have a little bit more of an opportunity."