No jab, no entry: Major construction company refuses unvaccinated workers on site

Leah Panapa 23/09/2021

LISTEN: News emerged on Wednesday of a major construction company refusing to let unvaccinated people on site during Alert Levels 2 and 3.

Teak Construction site manager Richard Harrison emailed subcontractors saying that only people with at least one jab would be allowed on all their sites, including its Head Office.

Julien Leys is chief executive of the New Zealand Building Federation - the body that connects the building supply industry including all the major companies such as Mitre10, Plumbing World, Carters and Placemakers.

"There are a number that are asking for anyone coming onto their site to be vaccinated and in some cases to show proof," he told Magic Talk.

"We're encouraging people to observe the mask wearing and the other health protocols under Level 3 guidelines."

Leys says that's "more important" than providing proof of vaccination.

Under current legislation, employers cannot ask their workers if they have or have not been vaccinated.

Conversations have started and some of the building companies are discussing "jab incentives" for staff, Leys says.

Listen to the full interview with Julien Leys above.

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