Man drawing penises around potholes gets warning from police

Danny Watson 08/09/2021

LISTEN: An Auckland man who spray-painted penises around potholes has finally been handed his punishment.

Geoff Upson has been given a formal warning by police.

The artwork is part of a road safety campaign by Upson to alert drivers about the dangers of potholes, which Auckland Transport continually failed to fix.

"Not all of them are of a giant penis, some of them are just circles marking them out," he told Magic Talk.

Up to 100 paintings have been drawn, although he hasn't been keeping a record, Upson said.

He was warned that wilful damage is punishable by three months imprisonment, a fine not exceeding $2000 and that "the offence of harassment is punishable by two years imprisonment".

Auckland Transport has continually failed to fix dangerous potholes, which could kill a driver.

"They have something like 11,000 employees but not a single one of them is the right person I need to talk to," Upson told Magic Talk.

Listen to the full interview with Geoff Upson above.

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