Prof Michael Baker slammed for using emotive clickbait comments

Leah Panapa 07/09/2021

LISTEN: A leading New Zealand exercise expert is dismayed that virologists such as epidemiologist Michael Baker think that gyms, bars and churches should remain closed in level two, saying they are too much of a high risk environment in Delta times.

ExerciseNZ chief executive Richard Beddie says professor Baker may be an expert in virology, but he does not understand human behaviour.

“He is missing the essential element that, with the right controls, any activity including people attending gyms can be safe. I would be very happy to challenge him to a public debate on this issue," he says.

Beddie says exercise is proven to be one of the best things a person can do to build a more robust immune system.

“Professor Baker is incredibly short sighted. It’s clear he needs to engage in a constructive evidence-based debate, not emotive clickbait comments such as saying keep bars and gyms closed.

The exercising public has been safe at level two and gyms have been operating without any issues for almost 19 months now," Beddie says.

Beddie has worked in the exercise industry for over 30 years, including providing regular support to the WHO on setting physical activity levels.

He holds a science degree in statistics and understands statistical probability modelling.

Listen to the full interview with Richard Beddie above.

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