Rest home resident a close contact of Middlemore patient who has COVID-19

Leah Panapa 08/09/2021

LISTEN: The family of a rest home resident is concerned after finding out she is a close contact of a COVID-19 positive case after visiting Middlemore Hospital.

11 doctors and 13 nurses are amongst staff isolating for fourteen days after a patient went to Middlemore Hospital on Saturday evening seeking medical care for abdominal pain.

In the early hours of Sunday, the patient was admitted to ward 34 and placed in a room with three other patients, at which time he is still said to have been asymptomatic.

Later that day he developed a fever and was swabbed, testing positive for COVID-19, and was transferred to a Covid ward. The three patients who shared the same room as the man are all in isolation - two at the hospital and one has gone into MIQ.

Four wards at Middlemore hospital have also been closed, and stories are emerging over mixed messaging from the hospital and health authorities and concerns of further exposure of COVID-19 into the community.

Elizabeth’s mother-in-law is a resident in a rest home, but she was taken by ambulance to Middlemore over the weekend and was a patient on one of the four wards that are now closed.

She’s back at her rest home and was told she’s a close contact.

Listen to the full interview with Elizabeth above.

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