Sex work a legitimate career but still fear of stigma

Danny Watson 15/09/2021

LISTEN: New Zealand has come a long way but there is still a fear of stigma in the country's sex work industry.

Dame Catherine Healy, the founder of the New Zealand Prostitutes Collective, says Aotearoa is leading the way by decriminalising "most of the activities" related to sex work.

"We are, and remain so, the only country that's gone so far into respecting the rights of sex workers," she told Magic Talk.

But Dame Healy, who represents New Zealand's largest rights organisation for sex workers, says there is still a lot of stigma.

"People in our organisation deal with calls from sex workers who are distressed about the potential for them to be outed.

"For family members and close people to them to find out they're sex workers," she said.

Listen to the full interview with Dame Catherine Healy above.

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