Simon Bridges says the 'Podium of truth' is more like a 'podium of convenience'

The AM Show 03/09/2021

National MP Simon Bridges says that there's a large amount of questions about the MIQ escapee that we don't have answers to. But Labour MP David Parker claims that "generalities wouldn't have helped" and the details will be revealed as soon as they're known.

When National MP Simon Bridges was asked whether it was wrong that the public weren't told about the case at yesterdays 1pm conference he responded that theres "so many questions we don't have answers to". He went on to comment,

"I would have thought they were actually really available answers, straight, straight answers quite quickly."

"It's starting to look like that podium of truth, as it is so-called, is more a podium of convenience where we get told what the Prime Minister and Ashley Bloomfield want to tell us rather than what we need to know."

But Labour's David Parker argues that "generalities wouldn't have helped". He told The AM Show this morning,

"There's been 180,000 people through MIQ. It's not a prison. There have been very few things have gone wrong. This is incredibly irresponsible behavior. But, you know, I think the police have handled it appropriately. And no doubt, the details that you want will come out as soon as they're known."