Anti-vaxxers will never listen, time to focus on the hesistant

Lloyd Burr 22/10/2021

LISTEN: A clinical psychologist says we should give up on the anti-vax minority and instead focus on those who are hesitant or intend to get vaccinated.

Associate Health Minister Peeni Henare told Lloyd Burr Live there have been barriers in getting the vaccine rolled out to vulnerable Maori communities, where vaccine uptake has been difficult in some places.

"That's the frustrating thing about the East Coast, for example. There have already been three mobile clinics there but for some reason those mobile units haven't made it to a particular part of that community," he said.

But clinical psychologist Jacquie Maguire says it's not just convenience and access to the vaccine that will get people jabbed.

"Also it's about trust. I think for many people for their own reasons, they might have lost trust along the way in the system. Be that the health system, be that the government political system," she told Lloyd Burr Live.

Maguire says when people lose trust it's very hard to change their behaviour and attitudes.

"I think community partnerships are absolutely critical to the success of getting to our desired target."

The research around vaccine uptake is extremely complex, she said.

"If there was a simple answer we would have a 100 percent compliance here in New Zealand," Maguire told Magic Talk.

Listen to the full panel discussion with Peeni Henare and Jacquie Maguire above.

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