Auckland picnic planning: Where you can and can't drink a beer or wine in public

Leah Panapa 05/10/2021

LISTEN: After being told by the Prime Minister on Monday to have a beer in the park, we are keen to find out the rules about what you can and can't do in Auckland parks.

  • Can I enjoy a beer or wine in the park?

"There are many parks around Auckland that have some sort of alcohol ban on them," says Rob Abbott, Auckland Council principal specialist alcohol licensing.

They are all listed on the Auckland Council website.

But Mr Abbott says most of the bans only apply in the evening.

"You'll find with daylight saving they might not start until nine o'clock at night or 10 o'clock at night and go through until six or seven in the morning," he told Magic Talk.

So during daylight hours, the public can find spaces to enjoy a beer or wine.

There will be some exceptions, however, including business areas, shopping centres and some big parks.

  • How about smoking?

"Auckland Council parks and public areas are smokefree," 

But vaping is allowed.

"Vaping technically usually doesn't have nicotine," Mr Abbott said.

Listen to the full interview with Rob Abbott above.

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