David Seymour: Most 'Super Saturday' shots were second doses, would have happened anyway - Dr Ashley Bloomfield responds

The AM Show 18/10/2021

WATCH: After a lot of singing and dancing about to push larger vaccination rates in the community, David Seymour has made criticism of the event stating that a large majority of the shots were second doses that were going to happen anyway, calling it "fun but desperate".

129,995 doses were administered during the 'Super Saturday' event over the weekend, but only 39,024 of those were first doses.

Dr Bloomfield responded saying "He's not raining on my parade."

"I think what it was, was an incredible show of collective action, energy and commitment to getting ourselves vaccinated. And to get our total first dose rate up to 85 percent across the country… Tāmaki Makaurau just about cracking that 90 percent, I think that's an incredibly significant milestone and the effort on Saturday, both in terms of generating vaccinations but also answering a lot of questions and getting people out there. 

"And we are still vaccinating yesterday, today, we will be vaccinated throughout the week."

Bloomfield also responded to claims that the vaccine roll-out is about to level off, and first dose numbers will be dropping.

"When the vaccine was first made available people were asking us for a number (target), desperate for a number and people were talking about 70 percent well here we are at 85 percent and we are still climbing."

On Sunday, David Seymour told Newshub that the event was mostly focused around hype rather than actually achieving the results we need.

"The second doses were going to get done anyway," he told Newshub. "It's the first doses that matter and Super Saturday was the 21st best day for first doses. That's not significant at all."

"The Government asked for political differences to be put aside yesterday, now it's time for a frank assessment." Seymour continued.

"Jacinda Ardern and her Government will likely go into self-congratulation mode now because of a day of feel-good fun. Instead of doing a little dance, they should look to the future."

ACT Party leader David Seymour has called for a "Freedom Day" much like in Sydney, Australia to give people certainty.

"What businesses, school students, and people awaiting vital surgery need is certainty."

When Ryan Bridge asked Bloomfield this on The AM Show this morning, Bloomfield responded "That's not my decision, that's Cabinet's decision but that 90 percent vaccination rate is clearly a key milestone and will play an important part of the Government's decision making."

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