Grant Robertson says government not dividing country in response to Dave Dobbyn social media post

The AM Show 26/10/2021

WATCH: The Deputy Prime Minister denies that the vaccine roll-out and government are dividing the nation following concerns from prominent Kiwi musician Dave Dobbyn.

In a post to social media Dave Dobbyn said "I am double vaccinated," he wrote. "I encourage it for everyone.

"But I call out the unkindness directed at those who haven't yet taken the step.  #fightCOVIDnothumanity."

Ryan Bridge this morning asked Robertson if he thought the government was dividing the country.

"I don't accept that analysis and I'm not 100 percent sure that's what Dave Dobbyn was really meaning," Robertson said. "I think what he was really talking about was… 'We need to work with people who aren't vaccinated and have those conversations.' That's certainly our goal - we've got people right around New Zealand who are just a little bit hesitant at the moment about it, they need a bit of support, they need a bit of information and we're here to provide that."

Robertson said the population needed to be vaccinated so New Zealand could move forward.

"We've outlined a pathway for that. Yes, it involves vaccine certificates playing a really big role.

"If people choose not to be vaccinated then they'll still be able to access services and goods and so on, but it'll be a bit more limited.

"This is the right thing to do for all of us - and we've just got to work through it carefully." 

When asked when the vaccine certificates would be ready for use by the general public Robertson said "The work on the certificate itself is progressing really well - we've shown people what it looks like and it'll be available when we get this going.

"We're working towards those dates in November to do that."

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