Andrew Little: Most people will be able to recover from COVID-19 at home

The AM Show 21/10/2021

WATCH: Health Minister Andrew Little has stated that most people will need to recover from COVID-19 from home as case numbers grow.

This comes as Little spoke to The AM Show this morning about the Waiheke positive case, saying that the person is currently isolating at home and is low risk to spreading the virus further throughout the community.

"The risk of infection of others is extraordinarily low and as far as I'm advised, they are isolating at their home on Waiheke Island. That's what I'm aware of."

Little continues to state that all current positive cases that are isolating at home are complying with the government and following the rule.

"Yes they are. They have been assessed as being reasonably low risk. They are infected so their requirement is to isolate at home and our reports indicate so far that they are doing so. I'm not aware of any reports that suggest they are not.

"There are some checks going on - more nature of welfare checks to check that the people are good - but they are complying with the requirements put on them to isolate until they are better."

AM Show host Ryan Bridge asked if New Zealanders should be concerned that there are people at home right now with COVID and that we are trusting them to do the right thing. Andrew Little responded saying the cases are low-risk of spreading further.

"The people who are isolating at home are at low risk of transmission to others and are therefore being allowed to isolate at home," Little said. 

"But the reality is, once we move to where we get to the acceptable isolation level is that people will continue to get infected with COVID and in fact most people will be able to or need to recover in their home or if their home is too overcrowded with too many people we will find a facility for them to go to." 

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