Jacinda Ardern: Peaking daily cases could mean less restrictions

The AM Show 01/11/2021

This afternoon Jacinda Ardern will announce more information around Auckland and the current alert level restrictions.

After more cases over the weekend Ardern believes that even though numbers are currently consistent we may peak out at around 200 cases a day.

Yes, we do expect cases to continue to rise… but we are expecting, soon, that we may reach a peak of daily cases but, of course, there is a bit of an unknown period until that point.

"That [peak] should be around, at this stage, we're talking the potentially 200 cases a day mark."

Ardern said that moddelers have said that it is at this point the higher vaccination numbers will start to have an effect on the overall outcome of this outbreak.

"We will talk about that this afternoon, in part, because I think it is important to share what we expect to happen; that cases will continue to rise but also that vaccinations can and will have an impact, and continue to be important to us.

"Across the course of November is the point that our modelers believe that we'll hit that peak but there is a sense of caution around just waiting to see whether or not that is the case, whether or not we do see those vaccinations really having that effect of pushing down, or at least holding down… what would otherwise be an ongoing rise.

"This is simply really pointing to the fact that modelers - our modeling - it does its best but there is a bit of a wait and see in the real world."

AM Show host Ryan Bridge asked if there was a scenario in which if we reached a consistent peak of cases, could that mean easing restrictions further. The PM said this is something they are taking into consideration with their modeling.

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