Photo by Marek Piwnicki on Unsplash
Photo by Marek Piwnicki on Unsplash

Lloyd Bur: So what’s all the fuss with the government’s Emissions Reduction Plan?

Lloyd Burr 13/10/2021

OPINION: So what’s all the fuss with the government’s Emissions Reduction Plan? Well for starters, it’s not a plan. 

It’s not even a policy, nor is it a proposal. By the government’s own admission, this is not even a draft of the plan, but a chance for people to submit their feedback on what should be in a plan. 

Once people have made submissions about what should be in the plan, they’ll come up with one, and deliver it before next year’s Budget. There are plenty of ideas in today’s document, like a focus on boosting walking and cycling in our big cities. 

Other ideas included increasing the number of electric vehicles in NZ so they make up 30 percent of all vehicles by 2035. And by that date, all new small-passenger, coastal shipping and recreational ships would need to be emissions-zero. 

But there’s one area that’s not in this document and it’s kind of vital: agriculture. 

There’s nothing in there about how to reduce the emissions of agriculture for the next 4 years. The reason why? It’s too much of a minefield to even put any ideas in writing - so they’ve just left them out. 

Climate Change Minister James Shaw was pretty frank about it too, saying "We didn't want to waste people's time by including things that have either already been consulted on or have other kind of engagement processes elsewhere."

What does that mean? I wouldn’t have a clue. 

But what he’s planning for agriculture emissions reductions are likely too bold to go public with now. Or they’re so weak, they’d see the Green Party’s supporters marching on Parliament.

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