Jacinda Ardern standing in a burning house (uh oh)
Jacinda Ardern standing in a burning house (uh oh)

Lloyd Burr: A week in politics the government will be glad is nearly over

Lloyd Burr 08/10/2021

OPINION: It’s a week in politics the government will be glad is nearly over. What a complete disaster it has been.

Ardern - usually the master of clear, concise, easy-to-understand speeches - instead delivered a confusing avalanche of rule-changes for Auckland. 

They were meant to provide some respite to Aucklanders still living under level 3 conditions, but it just confused the narrative, and was essentially Level 3, with picnics. 

And with picnics, came concern about whether people could use park toilets. 

Auckland Council was blindsided by the announcement and had to scramble to open half of their public toilets so people weren’t forced to use the bushes. 

And picnics in mates’ backyards? I’m still not sure if you’re allowed inside to use their bathroom. 

Then came news it was gang members selling meth that was spreading covid in Waikato - how were they allowed to do this? How did they get through police checks? 

The next announcement was meant to be good: rapid DIY covid tests being deployed to businesses to keep their staff safe and tested. 

But it’s going to take at least a month to roll out. What a disaster. Covid doesn’t wait for bureaucracy - it doesn’t wait for a government sitting on its hands. Businesses, rightly, will be brassed off. They’ve been calling for these for months. 

I’ve used them dozens of times in the UK, they’re not perfect but they’re another tool in the toolkit. 

Now there’s talk they’re going to scrap the level-system, and introduce a traffic-light system. More confusion to a confusing week for the government. You’re probably feeling like me: confuddled and a bit discombobulated.

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