Light Rail artist render
Light Rail artist render

Lloyd Burr: It’s going to be interesting how the government navigates this proposed $14b rail line in Auckland

Opinion 29/10/2021

OPINION: Interesting because infrastructure spending in our biggest city is always politically divisive. 

Those outside of Auckland will always complain that regional New Zealand is being neglected. 

Those in Auckland will argue that it’s in the wrong place, or it’s the wrong type of infrastructure, or that it’s not green enough, or that it’s benefit-to-cost ratio means it’s not worth it. 

The Waterview Tunnels, City Rail Link, Northern Motorway extension…. all of these created fierce debates. But once the projects are done, and up and running, people love them. So the government’s next move regarding the Auckland Airport Rail Link will be an interesting one. 

Will they use their majority in Parliament to push it through? 

Or will they crumble under the pressure, like they did with the Cycle and Pedestrian bridge? Will they say no in a bid to look fiscally responsible? Will they put it in the ‘too hard basket’? Or will they take this with both hands and get on with it? 

This is the government’s chance to look bold. To invest in the country’s future. To give themselves a legacy. 

In 50 years time, we’ll be thanking the government for doing it. Or we’ll all still be stuck in traffic and cursing the powers that be.

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