Lloyd Burr: The message from all our parties in Parliament is the same: Get Vaccinated.

Opinion 15/10/2021

OPINION: It’s not often that we see the leaders of all political parties united and publicly standing together on an issue. 

So how refreshing was it to see all the parties on the telly this morning urging people to get vaccinated. Ardern. Collins. Seymour. Davidson. Ngarewa-Packer. 

All on the box at the same time, joining forces to help drive our vaccination rate upwards. Covid has divided our political parties over the last 21 months. The response has too. It defined last year’s election. 

But all the spats and criticism and mud-flinging that usually makes politics so colourful, has been sidelined ahead of Super Saturday. The message from all our parties in Parliament is the same: Get Vaccinated.They know it’s the only way out of this covid mess. 

They know it’s the only way to prevent our health system from being completely overwhelmed. They know it’s the only route back to normality. And they are right. Labour’s right. National’s right. Act’s right. The Greens are right. And Te Paati Maori are right. 

All our parties, all on the same page, all singing from the same song sheet: get vaccinated. It’s not a conspiracy. It’s not a game. It’s not part of some new world order. It’s about protecting our loved ones, protecting our health system, and getting our lives back. 

So please do it. Or please reach out to hesitant friends. 

The last thing we want is people in ICU, on their Covid deathbed, pleading for the vaccine, when it’s far too late to help them.

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