Lotto millionaire regrets going public, has advice for $42m winner

Lloyd Burr 21/10/2021

LISTEN: A Pokeno Lotto player won a whopping $42 million on Wednesday night and a former Lotto millionaire has a word of advice - keep quiet.

In 2012, Trevor Cooper from Te Kauwhata won $26 million playing Lotto Powerball. But he's been through the wringer.

The former supermarket worker who went public when he won fell in love and held a lavish wedding at a Karaka mansion he paid for with his winnings and divorced within three years. 

He travelled abroad numerous times including to drive expensive off-road race cars at prestigious American events.

Cooper told Lloyd Burr Live he regrets going public.

"If I had been able to keep it quiet I would," he said.

He's urging the latest Lotto winners to "keep it to themselves and enjoy it" but to take onboard the right financial advice, particularly around investing.

"Make sure you've got some set aside for that rainy day," Cooper said.

While he has been through some troubling times since winning Lotto, including his divorce, Cooper says life is much better now.

"My life now is as good as it was when I won Lotto," he told Magic Talk.

Cooper still has his collection of race cars and if it wasn't for COVID-19 he would still be travelling to the United States regularly to race.

Listen to the full interview with Trevor Cooper above.

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