A person in a suit but instead of a head it's a set of traffic lights with a bunch of question marks surrounding them cause they be like "uh what I'm confused about this whole traffic light system thing"
Confused? You're not alone my friend.

Lloyd Burr: If you’ve been trying to get your head around the new Covid traffic light system, you’re not alone

Opinion 22/10/2021

OPINION: If you’ve been trying to get your head around the government’s new Covid traffic light system, you’re not alone. 

I’ve been trying to do the same. 

You’d have thought the government would have learnt from their convoluted and confusing Phases-within-levels announcement from two weeks ago. 

But no. Today was another avalanche of information that’s left an even bigger avalanche of questions in its wake. 

Here are my thoughts: 

I’m not going to worry about the traffic light system for now. 

Why? Because the new system doesn’t actually come into force until vaccination rates hit 90%. And Ardern is outsourcing the vaccination conundrum to District Health Boards. 

It’s up to DHBs to get vaccination rates across the country to 90%. And if they don’t, it’ll be them to blame, not those who sit in the Beehive.

There’s no deadline date for meeting 90%. There’s no real new plan for how to boost vaccination rates. It’s now up to DHBs to get to 90%, and until they do, it’s just a waiting game. 

The anti-vaxxers and vaccine-hesitant and conspiracy theorists will continue to hold the country to ransom. 

The vast majority of us are hostages.

And based on what Ardern said today, we’ll all have to sit and wait and suffer. She tried to shame and threaten anti-vaxxers with lines like: 

“No vaccination, no summer” . 

“If you want to go to bars and restaurants. Get vaccinated.”

“Haircut? Get vaccinated. Concerts, or festivals – get vaccinated. Gym, or sports events? get vaccinated”. 

But we’ve known these things for so long. That vaccinations are the way out. But the message hasn’t sunk in or been heard or it’s been ignored. 

So what now? We all sit and wait and slowly simmer until we’re all at boiling point. That’s not a plan for getting through Covid, that’s a plan for anarchy.

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