NZ not likely to return to level one as we knew it - Shaun Hendy

The AM Show 05/10/2021

WATCH: Will we ever return to the almost carefree version of level one that kiwis have become so used to of recent? COVID modeler Shaun Hendy doesn't think so.

Following an announcement of the governments COVID recovery road-map yesterday COVID modeler Shaun Hendy, immunologist Graham Le Gros & medical professional Des Gorman joined The AM Show to discuss how this recovery may play out over the coming months and years.

Hendy stated that we will likely see odd cases here and there as we slowly open back up, siting recent cases across the Auckland border into the Waikato.

"We've already seen cases get across the Auckland border - that's just going to be a fact of life now we have an uncontrolled outbreak… although we're suppressing it, cases will get out - we'll see pop up around the country from time to time."

Hendy also made comment on whether we will see the same level of freedoms we have had in level one again...

"I think something that's really important for people to realise is level 1 is probably gone. That level 1 life that we've enjoyed a lot of over the last 18 months, we're not going back to that.

"We're going to have to have public health measures in place for the foreseeable future," Hendy said.

Though University of Auckland professor of medicine Des Gorman disagreed with the sentiment.

"I don't agree with that pessimistic view about, 'we'll be wearing masks and having public health measures forever,'" Gorman said. "We don't tolerate any other disease this way - we will come to an accommodation of this disease. We'll decide what measures we're prepared to take."  

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